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healthiest-water-to-drinkYou can’t talk about fasting or beginning a journey to live a healthier lifestyle without discussing water.  Water is one of the most essential things a person needs to survive.  Everyone probably already knows that your body is made up of mostly water.  We can go weeks without food, but we can only go a few days without water.  Since water is so important, don’t you think we should find out what kind of water is the healthiest water to drink?  If you think all water is the same, you better think again.  As in everything else in this world, we have been lied too in the interest of making money.  All water is not the same.  In all my experience with fasting and juicing, I always thought that distilled water was the healthiest water to drink.  That is completely wrong. I hope I can help you understand a little more about the importance of drinking water and what type of water to drink when fasting or just in everyday life.

Different Types of Drinking Water

There are several different types of drinking water.  The most popular it seems is bottled water.  There is bottled drinking water, bottled purified water, bottled spring water, bottled artesian water, bottled alkaline water, bottled mineral water and blah, blah, blah…LOL!  I’m sorry, I got a little annoyed by my own list.  I digress, there is also reverse osmosis, deionized water, and distilled water.  You can also pick up 5 gallon containers of water.  5-gallon-healthiest-water-to-drinkIts usually purified water.  You can even take your own empty containers to places and fill them yourselves.  These placed usually offer reverse osmosis, deionized, or high ph water.  Let’s not forget the cheapest of all, tap water and well water. What is the healthiest water to drink out of all these choices? Well keep reading and hopefully I will, “some what”, answer your question.

Bottled Water

First of all, lets just address the issue of the plastic.  It’s bad.  We’ve all heard how the chemicals from the plastic seep into your water when it’s bottled that way.  How much depends on how long the water has been sitting in the bottle.  Well, human beings are not perfect.  We can only do the best that we can do.  My advice to you is to pray over your food, including bottled water.Spring-water-healthiest-water-to-drink  Our God is perfect and he will be merciful to us if He sees we are trying to do the best we can.  if you can afford water bottled in glass then, by all means go for it.  That being said, the best water to drink is water that has minerals and trace elements in it.  Water was meant to be consumed that way.  It should have flowed over and through rocks to pick up minerals and ions and things like that.  Spring water or any water similar to that is the healthiest water to drink.  If you are able to consume water from a natural spring that you can bottle your self that would be awesome.  Most of us can’t do this.  Your local spring water is your best affordable option.  Even spring water from the “dollar store” would work fine.

Reverse Osmosis, Deionized, and Distilled

Reverse Osmosis water uses a process that removes the bad contaminates as well as a lot of the good minerals that should be in the water.  When you  see labels like “purified’ water or even “drinking” water, it was probably processed in this manner.  If you drink this kind of water I would recommend adding some trace minerals back into the water.  This can be accomplished by adding a little bit of freshly squeezed lemon water into it or some Appalachian pink salt.  A lot of times you can get this water from stores for less than a dollar a gallon, so it is a cheaper alternative although you should go the extra step to add the trace minerals back in.  Also, if you are concerned about the environment, this method would also keep all those plastic water bottles out of the land fills.  Deionized, or distilled water is dead water.  There is nothing in it.  I would not recommend drinking this type of water unless you are using it for tea or broth.  Our bodies need minerals found in natural spring water.  A lot of times, if you don’t have a desire to drink a lot of water, it’s because the water you are drinking is depleting your mineral stores.  That’s what this type of water does.  Your body will naturally not desire this kind of water.  The more good water you drink, the more your body will want.

Tap Water and Well Water

tap-water-healthiest-water-to-drinkTap water is probably one of the worse sources of water you could drink.  There are all types of horrible chemicals in it.  The city uses the chemicals to clean the water.  This makes it safe for washing clothes, cleaning your dishes, washing your car, etc.  These chemicals are not safe for us to drink. Well water could be a great source of water if you are sure you know what’s in it.  Wells tap into water that flows underground, which falls in line with drinking water with good minerals and trace elements in it.  The problem is, that it could also be contaminated from chemicals and pesticides that have seeped into the ground from poor human choices.  I would recommend getting your well water tested so you can be confident that it only has the good stuff in it.

All Water Is Not the Same

The right kind of water is good for you.  Your body needs it.  The fact that you can live for a long period of time only drinking water is proof.  It’s important for your health to drink it.  If you can’t afford or if you don’t have access to spring water, then do the best that you can.  All water has its benefits no matter where it comes from.  In my research I have found so many discrepancies on what is the best way to consume it.  When you find discrepancies as this, look to the Being that created it.  Look at the many miracles performed surrounding water.  Human beings can’t take what was made for us by a Higher Power and make it better.  It’s already perfect.  Drink water that is as close in form to the way it was originally intended to be consumed.

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